A procession with the casket of Christopher Andrew Leinonen, one of the 49 victims killed, enters a church for Leinonen's funeral on June 18. David Goldman/AP/David Goldman/AP hide caption

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3 Hours In Orlando: Piecing Together An Attack And Its Aftermath

Thanks to police and FBI records and witness accounts, it's becoming clearer — if still impossible to comprehend — what transpired in Orlando in the early hours of June 12.

Paramedics rush a stabbing victim away on a gurney on Sunday, after clashes outside the California Capitol between white nationalist demonstrators and counter-protesters. Steven Styles/AP hide caption

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Amid Violence At White Nationalist Rally In Sacramento, At Least 7 Hospitalized

The rally unraveled into violence just outside the California Capitol on Sunday. Several were stabbed in the midst of the chaos. As yet, Sacramento police have made no arrests.

Donald Trump delivers the convocation at Liberty University on Jan. 18. The flamboyant, thrice-married mogul has never been an easy fit with the religious right. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption

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As Trump Defies Expectations Of Faith, Might We Be Entering A New Era?

Voters have long demanded that their presidential candidates demonstrate outward signs of religious faith. So far in 2016, that may be changing — though some evangelicals are uneasy at the prospect.

Spix's macaws (from left to right) Felicitas, Frieda, Paula and Paul sit on a branch in their aviary in Germany. The species has not been seen in the wild for 15 years until the recent sighting in Brazil. DPA/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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An Avian Mystery: Rare Parrot Spotted In Wild For First Time In 15 Years

A solitary Spix's Macaw was spotted and caught on video flying over Bahia, Brazil. The origins of the bird are unknown, but conservators say its appearance represents "a new hope" for the area.

Pat Deon (right), a Pennsylvania Turnpike commissioner, and attorney Albert Mezzaroba, sit at the Puss N Boots tavern in Bucks County. Both are Republicans. In this election based on change, Mezzaroba says he doesn't understand why. "Things aren't that bad," he says. "I don't know why everybody thinks they're so terrible." Danny Hajek/NPR hide caption

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The View From The Northeast Corridor: Deep Divisions Ahead Of 2016 Election

Despite a history of Democratic electoral solidarity, a trip through the Northeast finds Republicans hoping to make inroads in November and Democrats pushing for the voting power of immigrants.

A crowd of over 200 people gathered outside the Backstreet Cafe in Roanoke, Va., for a candlelight vigil in memory of the shooting victims. Josh Meltzer/The Roanoke Times hide caption

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For A Survivor Of One Club Shooting, Orlando Brings Bitter Memories

Sixteen years ago, a gunman stormed a Virginia gay bar, killing one and injuring others — like Joel Tucker. That terrible night still haunts him, even more now in the wake of the Orlando shooting.

For A Survivor Of One Club Shooting, Orlando Brings Bitter Memories

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The Neopanamax cargo ship, Cosco Shipping Panama, approaches the new Agua Clara locks, part of the Panama Canal expansion project, near the port city of Colon, Panama, on Sunday. Arnulfo Franco/AP hide caption

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WATCH: Inauguration Of The $5 Billion Panama Canal Expansion

The colorful ceremony celebrating the culmination of this $5 billion project has featured dancing flowers, dragons and a marching band. The first large cargo ship is making its way through expansion.

Supporters of the 'Stronger In' Campaign watch the results of the EU referendum being announced at a results party at the Royal Festival Hall in London on Friday. AFP/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Shock, Rage And Gallows Humor: A 'Brexit' Backlash On Social Media

Young voters had overwhelmingly voted to remain in the European Union. Now there's a flood of anger from those who accuse older generations of choosing a future they don't want.

Carla Hassett's latest solo album is called +Blue. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Music Interviews

In Songwriting, Carla Hassett Looks Home

The Brazilian-American singer named her latest album after a song by Caetano Veloso, whose lyrics written while in exile from Brazil struck a chord.

In Songwriting, Carla Hassett Looks Home

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